"Chicks Rolling-out" event photograph and digest movie where chicks crawling rolling down young and old guys go down the hill

The event "Cheese Rolling" performed in Gloucestershire Southwest England. Originally it is a historical event about the 15th century, it is a simple thing just to follow the cheese rolled from the top of the hill, but the figure of people desperately running down rolling down from the top of the hill is pretty I draw an eye.

Details are as below.
Cheese Rolling

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling - The Big Picture - Boston.com

People who chase rolling cheese.

Close-eye viewers from the top of the hill to the bottom.

The winner of the race who picked up the cheese.

Of course, only for intense races, the injured also continued.

Below are the digest videos of the race
YouTube - Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009

Almost naked osan came running down.

Hen swim suit Osan ... well.

Some people have worn a horseme wear. The view seems to be narrow, is it okay?

Run up the hill. It seems tough to climb this.

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