Chinese ocean park hired basketball player to help dolphins

An accident happened that dolphins swallowed foreign bodies at the Chinese marine park.

The way the marine park chose to solve it seems to have asked a long basketball player of hand to help the dolphin's life.

Details are as below.
Ex-basketball Player Rescues Dolphin Princess

Ananova - Basketball player saves dolphin

The staff at the Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park noticed that the female dolphin named Linda lost interest in eating fish, and when examined by a veterinarian, it turned out that there was a foreign body in Linda's stomach .

I was trying to get rid of the foreign matter immediately, but the tool that the veterinarian had had it did not reach the stomach of Linda. Therefore, it seems that the marine park has recruited people who have arms of 1 meter or more. And three basketball players who were over 2.1 meters in height gathered, and former basketball player Zhang Youliang was ultimately selected from the length of the arm.

Zhang Youliang said that the arm length is over 1 meter.

The treatment was done on the morning of June 8, 2009. Mr. Zhang cooperated with more than ten staffs and reached out to Linda's stomach and succeeded in taking plastic mat which was swallowed by the second challenge.

The veterinarian said that the damage that the stomach received in one week would be recovered. It is a treatment method that seems to be quite brute force work but it seems to be surprisingly manageable.

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