Sony released three types including high-quality canal type noise canceling headphones that can reduce surrounding noise by about 98% or more

Sony today announced Canal digital noise canceling headphones that can reduce surrounding noise by about 98% or more.

In addition to the full digital amplifier "S-Master" which always analyzes ambient noises and automatically selects the optimum noise canceling mode and faithfully reproduces the original sound while minimizing sound quality deterioration, the user's ear It has become a high sound quality model equipped with functions to adjust the noise level according to the shape and even equalizer.

Also, high-end models that can reduce noise by about 99% and colorful and cheap entry models will also be offered.

Details are as below.
Inner Ear Type Appears on High-Accuracy Digital Noise Canceling Headphone | Press Release | Sony

According to this release, Sony is to release Canal type noise canceling headphone "MDR - NC 300 D" from June 21. The suggested retail price is 3975 yen.

This is "MDR - NC 300 D". Dried for about 20 hours with 1 alkaline AA battery.

"MDR-NC 300 D" digitizes the noise detected by the microphone built in the headphone and performs signal processing, thereby generating noise of opposite phase having an effect of canceling the noise, thereby reducing noise. Digital noise canceling Those adopting.

This is the system configuration diagram of digital noise canceling. As a result, the noise canceling performance is improved more than the conventional analog method.

In addition, the "full auto AI (Artificial Intelligence) noise canceling function" that the headphone always analyzes surrounding noise and automatically selects the mode suitable for the use environment from among three noise canceling modes, "Noise canceling adjustment function" that adjusts the noise level according to the shape of the noise cancellation function.

In addition to installing Sony's original fully-digital amplifier "S-Master" optimized for headphones, "digital equalizer" realizing realistic high-quality sound reproduction, "Normal mode" "Movie Mode "" Bass mode "by selecting three sound modes, it is said that high sound quality has been realized.

Also, I posted a trial report in GIGAZINENoise canceling headphone "MDR-NC 500 D" cutting noise by 99%"MDR-NC600D" which is the successor model of the product will also be released on June 21. The suggested retail price is 49,350 yen.

The entry model "MDR-NC33" that can cut about 90% of the noise that can be used for about 100 hours with a single AAA alkaline battery is also released on the same day. The suggested retail price is 9975 yen. This is White.




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