All models of SoftBank Mobile 2009 summer model announced today All images · Part 2

I told you earlier.PrequelSoftbank Mobile announced todaySummer 2009 modelIncluding color variations, with a lot of images.

In the first part, we delivered "AQUOS SHOT" with large screen touch panel liquid crystal and 10 million pixel camera, but in the second part, SOFTBANK Mobile's first wireless LAN equipped model "931 N", solar light chargeable "SOLAR HYBRID" We will deliver a variety of line-ups including "VIERA Mobile 931P", which showed full-fledged commitment to the image quality of one-segment broadcasting, Photo Vision "Photo Vision" and Mini Note "IdeaPad S10".

Details are as follows.
· SOLAR HYBRID (Solar Hybrid) 936SH (manufactured by Sharp)
With a 3.0-inch full-wide VGA LCD equipped with "Veil View" function to prevent peeping, a high sensitivity CCD 8 million pixel camera equipped with "scene automatic recognition" and "chase focus", face detection function, etc. It is a solar waterproof mobile phone that can be charged with sunlight. It was released after late August.

· 931P (manufactured by Panasonic)
Approximately 3.1 inch full wide VGA high color reproducibility liquid crystal realized approximately 1.2 times color reproducibility of the previous model "930 P" and approximately 8.1 million pixel camera compatible with "Randomly iA (intelligent auto)" function, approximately 2.0 inch large VIERA mobile with high definition wide QVGA sub liquid crystal. VIERA's high image quality technology "Mobile PEAKS processor" realizing a contrast ratio of 10000: 1 and "Mobile W speed" that converts 15 frames per second of 1 seg video to 4 times the 60 frames per second with a clearer and smooth image quality A model that can enjoy one-segment broadcasting. It was released after late June.

· 931 N (manufactured by NEC)
Approximately 3.2-inch full-wide VGA touch panel compatible liquid crystal and face detection autofocus capable of detecting up to five people and approximately 8.1 million pixel camera compatible with 6-axis hand shake correction are installed. It supports "Keitai wireless LAN" service that can use home wireless LAN and public wireless LAN, and it is a model that can comfortably enjoy high-capacity content etc at high speed communication of maximum downlink 54 Mbps. It was released after late August.

· 930 N (manufactured by NEC)
A slim mobile phone with a thickness of 13.9 mm equipped with approximately 3.2 inch full wide VGA liquid crystal and face detection autofocus capable of detecting up to 5 people and an 8.1 million pixel camera compatible with six axis vibration correction. Furthermore, in addition to realizing a beautiful and smooth image by converting one segment broadcast of 15 frames per second into a maximum of 30 frames per second, virtual 5.1 channel surround playback can be performed when stereo headphones are used by adopting "SRS TruMedia" Possible. It was released in the middle of June.

· OMNIA POP 931SC (manufactured by Samsung)
About 3.06-inch wide VGA touch panel liquid crystal and compact touch phone with 5.1 megapixel camera supporting face recognition autofocus. By adopting a pressure-sensitive touch panel, it is possible to comfortably operate even a lady's long woman, and if you draw pictures freely with a pen etc. on photographed photos etc., you will be animated directly as you draw "Drawing animation" function Equipped.

· Photo Vision (Photovision) HW001 (manufactured by Huawei)
About 7.0 inch digital photo frame. Since the sent photos are displayed automatically, you can enjoy photographs easily. We prepare a fixed price plan "Photo Vision Light Plan" for 980 yen dedicated to "Photo Vision". No matter how many times you receive email with photos you can use it without worrying about the price. In addition, we plan to implement a campaign that can be used at a rate of 490 yen, which is a half price per month according to the release. It was released in the middle of June.

Hello Kitty model "HW001 KT" also line up. Released after late July.

· 832P (manufactured by Panasonic)
Approximately 3.0 inch full wide QVGA liquid crystal, 6-axis hand shake correction and face recognition recognition compatible autofocus supporting approximately 3.22 million pixel camera was installed, and slim one seg mobile which adopted stylish slim stainless steel of about 10 mm in body. It corresponds also to the 3G high speed which corresponds to the descending maximum of 7.2 Mbps. It was released on May 22.

· 832SH (manufactured by Sharp)
A compact mobile phone equipped with approximately 3.0 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and 3.2 megapixel AF compatible camera compatible with the "color veil view" function which makes it difficult to see the display contents of the screen from upper and lower, left and right with a variety of filter images. Also equipped with a "large file attachment function" that can send and receive attached files such as high resolution photos with a mail capacity of up to 1 MB exceeding 300 KB. In addition, if you use "large file attachment function" even between white plan, communication fee will be charged. It was released in early August.

· IdeaPad S10 (Model with communication module) (made by Lenovo)
Mini notebook with Intel's Atom processor N270 (1.6 GHz), 1 GB memory, 160 GB HDD, 10.1 inch LCD. OS is a Windows XP SP3 built-in SoftBank Mobile communication module. Release after summer.

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