NTT docomo's announced today FOMA Terminal 2009 Summer Model All models All images · Part 2

I told you earlier.Prequel,Second partWe will introduce the 2009 summer model released today by NTT Docomo, including color variations, with a lot of images.

In the first part, we deliver "PRIME series" including "AQUOS SHOT" equipped with large screen touch panel liquid crystal and 10 million pixel camera, "STYLE series" which compatible with practicality and design of waterproof function etc in the second part However, in the second part, we will deliver a slim "SMART" series and "PRO" series lineup of Japan's first Android mobile phones and Toshiba's super high-performance smartphones.

Details are as follows.
◆ SMART Series
· N-09A(NEC made, to be released in June 2009)
About 3.2 inches full width VGA liquid crystal
8.1 megapixel camera equipped with subject blur correction, face detection auto focus, "smile mode" to automatically photograph in response to the smiling face of the subject
With "SRS TruMedia" that realizes Bluetooth support and virtual 5.1 ch surround, you can enjoy powerful sound with wireless headphones
Worked on business scenes with "Hyper Clear Voice" and "Document Viewer"

· P-09A(Panasonic, planned to be released in June 2009)
About 3.0 inches full wide VGA liquid crystal
Face detection auto focus 3.2 million pixel camera
"Mobile W speed" that converts 15 frames per second of 1 seg video to 60 frames per second at the maximum, and "Natural Talk" stuck to natural tone quality

◆ PRO series
· HT-03A(HTC made, planned to be released June - July 2009)
About 3.2 inches half VGA touch panel liquid crystal
3 Megapixel Camera Corresponding to Autofocus
Japan's first Android mobile phone with Google services such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube are easy to use.
With the geomagnetic sensor, you can use the Google Map "Street View" that displays 360-degree images vertically and horizontally according to the direction you are facing, and you can download various applications from the Android Market.
A map that can be operated intuitively and a trackball that is convenient for scrolling the WEB site.
Also supports wireless LAN, GPS, Bluetooth

· SH-07A(Sharp, planned to be released from June to July 2009)
About 3.3 inches full-wide VGA liquid crystal
"Chase Focus" that automatically tracks the focused subject once and a 10 million pixel camera that supports face detection autofocus
More than 5 2-hour programs can be recorded with double one-segment and 2 GB large capacity main memory
Transfer programs recorded with high image quality (640 × 360 dots / 30 fps) from Blu-ray disc recorder

· T-01A(Toshiba made, scheduled to be released from June to July 2009)
Approximately 4.1 inches wide VGA touch panel liquid crystal
3 Megapixel Camera Corresponding to Autofocus
It is equipped with 1 GHz CPU and wireless LAN, adopting "motion sensor" which can respond to the phone by shaking the mobile phone, and "floating pad" easy to operate with one hand. Internet Explorer with Flash Lite 3.1 compatible smartphones that can enjoy the Internet in PC like like Mobile 6. Comfortable character input is possible with ATOK.

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