Takaka Otoko but bullshit, Okinawa's movie so important that the "Aoi Festival" in Kyoto ended in crisis survival

Kyoto'sAoi FestivalI also recorded the state of the movie. Especially it seems that there were various difficulties with regard to boulder cars, howThe owner who offered the cow until last year died, the cattle that pulled the cow hurried to hands, the sharp decline of cattle breeders and the successor shortage of trainersAlthough it managed to escape this time, it seems that the situation was such that the Aoi Festival itself was at a crossroads. By the way, there are four cattle required, two of which have names of "25 of flower buds" and "35 of flower baskets", "It is not difficult to draw a cow but it is surprised by the sound and will not proceed. It is important to get used to soundsThat thing.

Just looking at it at once it seems to be just progressing with Noronoro, but behind it seems to have trouble with everything. So, although it is one of the three biggest festivals in Kyoto, I can not take care of it, so it seems better to see it now.

Playback is from the following.
This is a cow. The kissi noise is amazing. Also, I'm pushing hard.

We decorate the wind flow such as Fujika, Tusaka, Ume plum, white plum, etc., and slowly proceed while making the sound of the wheels. Although it is a car on which the imperial examinee is riding, in fact it is said that it is pulled out in order to make the queue worthwhile without the ruler.

Behind it is the substitute cow.

According to the explanation of the announcement, recent cows have no power to pull, so people are pressing from behind. Is it really okay, Aoi Festival ... ....

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Aoi festival movie in Kyoto such as the appearance of the Sai Royal Column, which was also said to be a lady row and the heroine of Aoi Festival "Saioniyo" centered on it

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