Aoi festival movie in Kyoto such as the appearance of the Sai Royal Column, which was also said to be a lady row and the heroine of Aoi Festival "Saioniyo" centered on it

Despite decorating the top three Kyoto festivals, there are few video recordings on the net than I thoughtAoi FestivalHowever, I actually shot movies as to how the matrix will progress with a feeling.

courseAs departed from the Kyoto Imperial Palace (10:30) Sakaicho Omega → Maruta Town → Kawaramachi Town → Arrival of Shimogamo-jinja (11:40) → President's righteousness → departure (14:20) → Shimogamomomoto → Rokkoku Before high school (14:40) → Kitaoji way → Hokkaido bridge (14:55) → Kamogawa rive → Kamigamo shrine arrived (15:30) and it has become a feeling, such as modern townscape Kawaramachi dori etc I photographed in the Kyoto Imperial Palace this time because it is better to take a picture taken at a suitable location than to shoot back.

Playback is from the following.
Just before the departure from the queue, the Kyoto police embarking on a horse appeared

The first team came from over there. Something like horse rampage something ......

Pause in front of paid attendance

I will pass this shortly at roughly this speed. You can see that there are considerable differences in how to walk by horses.

Somehow, it is a quiet festival

That's why I enjoy this kind of atmosphere. It is said that it is a bit different only at the festival with a history of 1400 years, or it is too different.

This is an air flow umbrella (bowl). I put a navy blue cloth over a big umbrella, put the sum of the cap's sum of money (also Hokuso Fuza) etc, and it was filled with various artificial flowers.

Another wind flow umbrella. This is the end of this row, and behind this is the Sai dynasty line.

From Sairei rows from here. The woman is wearing a flower umbrella, "Miko (Miyuu)", an intermediate warrior of the inner warrior.

It is "Sairoyo (Saioi Daio)" who has a hi-father on the waist called a waist shoulder (rough).

In addition, a girl (bowl of a meal) will also be walking. Tiny.

Shrine with King Saori, "Kid woman (punishment guy)".

And last, it is the oxen's car of Saori.

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