I wanted to cross it once because I was born as a goat, a goat exclusive crossover that looks like a fun in an amusement park

Speaking of a goat, I love high places, the owner of an outstanding balance sense that lets trees falling on rushing cliffs and torrents bounce lightly and lightly. Many farmers prepare various attractions such as bridges and jungle gym-like things so that their beloved goats can exercise happily, but among them,MarylandIt is a superb deluxe goat crossover bridge established by a farmhouse.

The movie showing the goats going across the bridge happily looks like the following.YouTube - The Goat Bridge

The goats who climb up the abutment like helical staircase lightly.

It may be a frightening scenery just for looking at people with afraid of heights, but for the goat of high place love it is affordable.

The place where it started falling.

It is a course reminiscent of a roller coaster, but if there is a goat's amusement park this attraction may be popular.

The goat who seemed to hesitate a bit at the step was pushed back by the black goat who came from behind and I was able to get off safely.

This goat exclusive crossover is located in MarylandElktonIt is said that it was established by the farmers.

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