I tried to approach "spearheading" of the "Kishiwada Danjiri festival" which runs at full speed at intersections and S-shaped roads

To be held in Kishiwada City, Osaka PrefectureKishiwada Danjiri Festival"Is a festival that boasts about 300 years of history and tradition, fascinating with intersections and turning at full speed, cars say"Drift'っ ぽ い'SpearheadingTo see at a glance, about 500,000 people visit each year. "I want to see this story all the time by all means", so I chose to approach the danger of the full scale runaway power.

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival - Osaka Prefecture Kishiwada City Official Website: Festival Mr. Kishida

Danjiri turns around Kishiwada City, but the detailed route map isOsaka Prefecture Kishiwada City Official WebsiteIt is published in.

September 16 (Sun) is "7-1 Kishijicho, Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture"of"From here on a slopeStart from. It is one of the major attractions of the festival where we run rushing up the slope at a stroke and carry it towards Kishiwada castle.

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Arrived in Kishiwada city early in the morning.

I'm about to bask into pieces from the storehouse.

It seems that it is about 4 tons.

Looking from the other side like this.

Sophisticated sculptures are also one of the characteristic features of the dancer.

We carefully arrange the wheels and brakes before the palace.

Set down a streamlined "spiking" to attach to the rear part of the ground when the ground car enters the shrine at the shrine ... ...

Alright, to the palace!

In the palace, we rush through "Konohaka Saka" at a stroke and go into Kishiwada castle and go around.

22.5 degreesThe steep slope of steep slope of thing.

It is one of the highlights of the main shrine on 16th September 2012, considerable people. In order to see from a good place, you need to come early and secure a place.

Some people watch from the top of the apartment.

At last the dancer came over.

The figure that the dancer pulled by the rope runs through the corner at a tremendous speed is a masterpiece.

Being on the roof is "CarpenterIt is a person who is called a position to give instructions such as a course using a fan. Spread both hands ......

The direction of the jumping body was changed and quite intense movements.

The performance of such carpenters is also one of the highlights.

Although it is brilliant, it is in a position accompanied by danger, sometimes it is likely to fall.

Danjiri of 15 districts in all will enter the "Kishijinjinjin" in Kishiwada castle.

Although the number varies depending on the district, it is said that 400 people to 1000 people will catch dust.

At "Kishiwada Danjiri Festival", all three shrines are to be introduced, but one of themKishiwada Tianjin PalaceI was able to see the palace to the. Two danjiru are on standby ... ...

I am waiting for Miyazaki's turn.

Wait for the order in the sun shining down.

When the front dancer enters the palace, the start of "spearheading" starts! Accelerate by pulling a rope together with the command.

Carpenter jumped up ... ...

To the other side.

I will pass through the corner while keeping the balance well.

Next is dango here. Sending a signal to start ... ...

Although it runs all at once, scenes where such a large number of people are running is not so much to see, the impression is full marks.

There is a sense of reality near the audience as well, "Oh!" And the audience also excites.

Also, I could see the dancer on the roads in the city as well.

In addition to Miyaji "Dragoning" is done everywhere in the city.

Because it is a big road, it is easy to accelerate and speed comes out.

Besides, I can go near quite close to the dankei, so the power is tremendous.

When turning the corner, people behind the dancer bulge outwardly from the corner in this way and bend by loading the load on the outside of the dust. At this time, attention is necessary because there is a momentum that people will fly to where the audience is.

According to the story of the local people, of course it is nice to see dancers from the front ... ...

I heard that danjiri is good from behind. It certainly feels the atmosphere of the festival which oozes from the back.

This is an arcade of "Kaeda Shoten Shopping Street" in front of Kishiwada Station. Again, "spearheading" is done, but the distance to the audience is quite close because the road is narrow.

You can see the dancer's full power running in front of you.

This danjiri is proceeding at the speed of walking, performance using a fan and ... ...

Fly around freely on the roof ... ...

I was able to see the performances of various carpenters over time. Although the scene that runs through "spearheading" is also good, sometimes it is good to look at it relaxedly.

Also, you can stop drunk and stop showing and you will be able to see the dancer slowly.

Children also break by drunk.

I also observe the sculpture carefully.

There are plenty of stalls in the main street in the city.

It is still hot, so the appearance of the customer seeking a cold drink was conspicuous.

By doing so, I was able to fully enjoy the charm of the "Kishiwada Danjiri Festival" where you can see "spearheading" of a powerful full-scale seen at close range. The 2013 festival is held on September 14th and 15th.

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