A couple who went to a wedding ceremony as a green monster "Shrek"

Speaking of a wedding ceremony as a big event of life most people dressed up with beautiful dresses and kimonos, but I went for a wedding in the shape of a character of a movie "Shrek" whose monstrous appearance monster is the main character It is said that there is a couple. It is a wedding that is likely to be memorable not only for ourselves but also for many people.

Details are as below.
Once upon a time ... a fairytale wedding for the couple who tied the knot as cartoon ogres Shrek and Princess Fiona | Mail Online

Her husband Keith is on the main character Shrek, and the bride Christine is princess Fiona.

He said that he spent three hours on makeup.

It seems that such a wedding ceremony came up because Keith's husband's appearance was similar to Shrek.

Invited guests who participated in the wedding ceremony are looking differently from the regular wedding ceremony.

A pet dog who seems to be a donkey and a couple walking. Christine had an 18 - year - old son who tried to let him look like a donkey, but he seems to have been refused.

Keith said, "It was a very unusual experience but I enjoyed it the best."

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