The photo review of special PS3, with 160GB HDD and demo version of "PS3 Final Fantasy XIII"

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.s has released the special colored PS3 named "Cloud black version", featuring Cloud Strife of FFVII. It encloses the Blu-ray "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete" and the trial version of long-awaited RPG "Final Fantasy XIII"(The movie is also sold separately).

Here's some photo of "Cloud version", with matte finish and a insignia of Cloud.

Cloud Strife featured on the container

Side of the box

Back of the box

"Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete" is a 126 minutes-long CG movie, which is 30 minutes longer than the one distributed in 2005, with re-edited sound tracks

And this is the spotlighted "Final Fantasy XIII Trial version"

The contents on the box shows the movie first. Should we take this as PS3 bundled with software, or software bundled with PS3?

The packaging

The whole set.

Without wrappings.

The Cloud black colored PS3. It's fingerprint-proof for its matte finish.

With insignia symbolizing Cloud Strife

Set vertically.

"Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete" and "Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version" enclosed in a plastic box.

"Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete"

"Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version"

The introduction on the booklet.

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