New Episode Rising? "ARMORED CORE" web site starts mysterious countdown

Starting in 1997 for PS1, the massive 3D robot combat simulator "ARMORED CORE" has gathered huge popularity for their cool mechanic design by Shoji "Macross" Kawamori, with over a hundred million ways of head-to-toe customization.

So far, there are 13 volumes published by From Software and now, a mysterious countdown started at "ARMORED CORE"'s official page.

Read on for detail.


According to the official site, there will be some kind of announcement to be made after 164 hours and 6 minutes as of 16:54, Apr.10, which means Apr.16, 13:00.

The screenshot of count down. What does "offline" mean?

These countdowns usually mean a coming of new series, or adaptation to other consoles. In the past From Software has been publishing the new volumes almost once a year and the last one was published in Jan. 2008, more than a year ago. Well, we had better dust our tactics and get ready for the new battle.

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