British police spend about 2.4 million yen on cardboard police officers

It is said that the British police spent about 2.4 million yen on cardboard cops that only the real thing sees in the distance. I think that it will be easy to distinguish if it is not a human being if it approaches, but it seems that it is expected that criminal deterrent effect will be obtained only by a policeman-like figure.

Details are as below.
Police spend £ 20,000 on cardboard officers - Telegraph

At first glance, it is the role of a cardboard officer to give an impression that police officers are on site and suppress crime, according to a survey based on the information disclosure law, 13 police in England and Wales are adopting it.

The Derbyshire police spent 6650 pounds (about 840,000 yen) on cardboard police officers over two years and the West Midlands police ordered 80 cardboard policemen newly at £ 10,000 (about 1.25 million yen). Essex police spent 760 pounds (about 100,000 yen) to 8 corrupt cardboard police officers, installed at gas stations and others. It seems that Cleveland police spend 1760 pounds (about 220,000 yen) in parks and stores.

A cardboard officer feels like this. The real thing is only in the middle.
Mr Smith Goes to Holyrood: Special Cop.

There is also a case that a cardboard officer himself is being stolen and it seems that general police officials are questioning about investing a budget for fake police officers, but Simon Reed, deputy director of the police officials' The cost of investing for maintenance is small, but corruption cardboard officers seem to be a fundamental solution to reduce expenses without requiring salary. "

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