India is developing an ultra low price laptop computer that can be bought for about 2,000 yen

Low-priced passenger car of 100,000 rupees (about 184,000 yen)Tata NanoIn India famous for such as "It is clear that 20 dollars (about 1800 yen) laptops are being developed this time.

If realized it will be a model that is predominantly lower than low price mini notes such as "EeePC".

Details are as follows. / Asia-Pacific - India to follow $ 2,000 car with $ 20 laptop

According to the article of FINANCIAL TIMES, it seems that a project to develop an ultra-low price laptop called "Sakshat" which realized the price of about 20 dollars in India was started.

And it is said that there is aim to raise education level by introducing "Sakshat" which was developed into over 18,000 vocational schools in India and 400 universities and utilizing correspondence education.

By the way, analysts are skeptical about whether "Sakshat" is commercially available, but it is predicted that it will be available within 6 months, and tomorrow the prototype (testing machine) It is trying to be exhibited.

Although it is a specification of the prototype which is worrisome, it seems to be a model equipped with a wireless connection function and 4 gigabit (512 megabytes) of RAM.

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