Approximately 1,000 yen price, to develop ultra low price notebook computer

A discount is applied when a data communication terminal is contracted for two years, and the EeePC main body of about 40,000 yen selling price can be bought for 100 yen100 yen PCIt is a world that is booming worldwide, but the Indian government officially announced that it will develop a notebook PC with a regular price of $ 10 (about 1077 yen).

Details are as follows. - India targets $ 10 laptop

According to this article, Minister in charge of human resource development by Higher Education in India has announced that it will develop $ 10 (about ¥ 1077) ultra-low price laptop as a way to improve the quality of education.

We are planning to become a model with not only a very low cost but also a much lower power consumption, research has already begun at Indian technology laboratories etc, but details are regarded as unpublished due to intellectual property issue It is. The industry is criticizing this policy as "there is no commercial separation".

"10 dollar laptop computer" thought to be a very epoch-making story, according to the following link "10 dollars" is a mistake of the minister in charge, in fact "100 dollars (about ten thousand yen)" It is said that correction was made on the next day. It is very disappointing.

The Government of India announces a $ 10 PC plan and corrects it to $ 100 the next day - Technobahn

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