"EeePC 901" may be released in Japan during this month

EeePC 901, which became a stylish design with Intel's power-saving CPU "Atom" loadedWe talked about in GIGAZINE before, but the possibility that it will be released in Japan during this month came out.

The first EeePCIt is good news for users who wanted the performance of another rank because the specifications are improved compared with the other.

Details are as follows.
PC World - Asustek's Latest Eee PCs Shipping in Asia in July

According to this article, ASUS, the seller of EeePC, is planning to sell "EeePC 901" which is the latest model of EeePC in Australia, Japan, Korea from July.

"EeePC 901" weighs about 1 kg, with 1.6 GHz Atom processor and 1 GB memory, 12 GB or 20 GB SSD as recording medium. In Taiwan, it is sold for $ 559 (about 50,600 yen), but the price is expected to change depending on the market.

Also, a model called "EeePC1000" "EeePC1000H" with 10-inch liquid crystal and a large keyboard and equipped with a larger capacity SSD and HDD is going to appear, and this will be slightly more expensive than "EeePC 901" Thing. And except for "EeePC1000H" which runs only on Linux, they are said to be able to choose Windows XP and Linux for OS.

I do not know when it will actually be on sale, but I am really looking forward to it ... This is ....

· Posted on July 11
The release was officially announced. Review from below.

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