A terminal scene in McDonald's store, which became mecha - nized by the flood

It is a movie of McDonald 's shop inside which the inside of the store has been drained due to the flood, which has become a final sight. Actually, Art by artist group Superflex art. It seems that all of the sets and utensils are massive arts like real size replicas.

Details are as below.

Do not Panic Magazine Desire FLOODING MCDONALD'S

Inside the store full of water.
Flooded McDonald's on Vimeo

Even near the garbage cante.

It is gone in a relaxing store.

Donald does not break a smile even if it falls.

In fact when suddenly flooding, the water in the store seems to be full of oil.

I took a picture of the flood scene by mobilizing ten members and kept running water, I told you that I took all of them in one shot. It seems that considerable effort was used because it was reproduced with a set of full size rather than miniature.

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