"Grow Tower", the latest Flash Game in the beloved GROW series released

A new game "Grow Tower" is added to the Grow series, the simple but addictive Flash games by EYEMAZE of Japan.

Read on for details and pics.

All you have to do is to pick the items (pot and brick and tree stump and some unidentifiable objects) one by one and pile them up to build a tower. The outcome would alter by the order you picked them, and you have to figure out the proper order to make the highest tower. Sounds too simple? But the process is captivating. Items interacts and grow or fall, reacting uniquely to the order you picked, showing adorable actions.

Ther are five items. Click the icons.

Scroll up and you'll see a green bulb-like thing floating in the air. The objective is to reach this height.

Each icons could be clicked only once, and there's only one order to reach the highest, so the probability of getting it on the first try is 1/120.

We tried

and tried

and tried.......

Looks like we're getting closer.

Yikes! Each items grew to the max level, the bulb lighted and the sky got brighter.

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