Reviewing Willcom's newest phone device "BAUM" and "WX340"

In the last article we reported about the press conference. Now we are going to show the actual product of Willcom's new phone device"BAUM" and "WX340K" in high resolution images.

With "E-money" function, they become more convenient. Let's take a closer view.

Read on for detail.

Booth of Simul Radio

Actually receiving streaming broadcast

"Wi-Fi Everywhere" enables you to play online with your portable game console It's battery operated

Playing Mario Cart When playing online, reactionspeed is needed rather than bandwidth. PHS's faster reaction speed makes the gameplay smooth.

There's two new devices. 7 colors are available

"BAUM" designed in motiv of baumkuchen

This is "BAUM"

Back view At last they are cyberbuck anable.

Side view

IR port on top

LCDs Brilliant colors and high contrast

Key is clicky and easy to type

Has easy access to many applications and services

Rapid access to mixi mobile

Java application enabled

"iWnn" Input Method Editor used like this

Camera setting 1600*1200 size at maximum

Newest Kyo-pon (Kyocera phone) "WX340K"

Opens like this

LCDs WQVGA resolution, as same as BAUM

Key as round peak and easy to touchtype.

Autofocus camera on back side. LCD underneath.

Edy(cyberbuck) application running

Both devices are thin and in compact size. CPU is fast enough for real use, which is impressive. Rather be a good choice for those who wants to change from last kyo-pon.

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