"New GUNDAM expected": Poll on 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam revealed fans' wish.

It has been 30 years since the first "Mobile Suit Gundam" broadcasted on Apr. 7, 1979. 30th anniversary web page has prepared for this blessed year for Gundam fans of the world.

According to the 78th weekly polls held by Gundam portal site GUNDAM.INFO, it's revealed that what Gundam fans most wish this year is "A new series of Gundam animation"

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(Japanese)"A new series of Animation" is what the fan expect for 30th anniversary - GUNDAM.INFO

The question "2009 is the 30th anniversary of Gundam! What do you expect in this memorial year?" was asked from Jan. 5th to Jan 11th, gathering 8389 answers. The top answer heard from 62.22% is "The next new Gundam following 00". Following, 15.76% says "Make actual Gundam!", 11.60% for "Insanely accurate plastic model for 30th anniversary"

In 20th anniversary of 1999, the massive event "Gundam Bigbang Declaration" was held and "Turn A Gundam" started broadcasting. The fans may be expecting comeback of the age.

The other answers are "Detection of the Minovsky Particle","Calendar reforming to the Universal Century" and so on, which seem difficult to be done. It will be really memorable if they were done, though.

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