Ameba blog uses a Seagate HDD with a problem with the image storage server, calls attention to the user

In Seagate hard disks "Barracuda 7200.11", "DiamondMax 22", "Barracuda ES.2 SATA" and "SV 35" which are equipped with firmware manufactured before December 2008,It was confirmed that a fatal trouble of being unable to start upI told you that Ameba Blog's server for image preservation contains many such models.

Attention has already been called to the user.

Details are as follows.
About hard disk failure of image storage server | Staff blog

According to this article, it seems that it has become clear that a model in which Seagate HDD used in the server for user image preservation of Ameba blog announced that this problem was announced is included in a wide range.

Ameba Blog assumes that it is unlikely that failure of large data loss will occur because user image data is backed up of all user images at frequency of once every two days in addition to redundancy of data disks However, as we are currently asking Seagate to provide detailed situation and correspondence program, it is expected that it will take several days to get answers about this defect.

And even before uploading the image to the image folder of Ameba, even after losing data, even if the data should be lost, even after uploading the image to the image folder of Ameba, save the data for 2 days on your computer I am calling for it to do.

I got suddenly inaccessible in GIGAZINE editorial departmentAlthough it is HDD manufactured by Seagate, when will firmware be provided at all?

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