"YUI Compressor Online" to compress JavaScript files and CSS files to speed up

Yahoo! "Developed by Julien Lecomte, an employee of"YUI CompressorThere is a famous JavaScript file called Javascript which compresses the CSS file and a tool created by JAVA but a strong person who offers it online so that it can be used more easily appears. The site name is "YUI Compressor Online"It is very easy to check the power of YUI Compressor that it becomes possible to compressed automatically by uploading JS file etc etc.

The usage method is as follows.
YUI Compressor Online

Just click "Browse", specify the JS file, click "Compress" when accessing the above site. Very easy.

After waiting for a while the link for downloading will be displayed in this way so you can download it if you click it. It seems that it was able to compress about 42% this time.

For reference level, the JS file of 124 KB was compressed to 72 KB.

Optional designation is also possible, and the meaning of each is as follows.

· Minify only, do not obfuscate: Do not obfuscate by compression alone

Preserve all semicolons: Do not delete unnecessary semicolons

• Disable all micro optimizations: Disable all standard optimizations

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