Salt hotel made of salt from wall to furniture forbidding licking

Uyuni salt lake where you can see fantastic sceneryThere are some hotels in Bolivia where walls and furniture are all made of salt. Wearing eyes carelessly with the hand touching the furniture is going to be a serious thing, but what kind of hotel is it?

Details are as below.
The Salt Hotel: Please do not lick the walls - (salt museum, uyuni flats ...)

Salt hotel near Salt Lake. The white on the ground seems to be salt rather than snow.

Is this a pool?

Do not lick with salt.

Inside the hotel is like this. There are chairs with salt boards stacked on top of each other.

Bed and salt are salt.

As expected the part of the watch does not seem to be salt.

What on earth is this ... ....

This hotel was made by a craftsman for tourists in 1993, the wall seems to be made of a cement-like substance like salt and water combined salt and salt block, and wall reinforcement will be done in the rainy season Thing. It seems that customers are prohibited from licking to prevent deterioration.

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