Four cubs' eggs are found at the cafe

Although it seems like lucky just to find twin eggs, it seems to be a little happy, but it seems that 4 egg eggs with 4 yolks are discovered during cafe lunch creation. It seems that you just dropped it in a frying pan, it has already become a fried egg but photos are also posted.

It is not what I found by myself, but just by looking at the eggs of such a fourth child, I feel that there is a good thing this year.

Pictures are as follows.
Four-yolk egg was a cracker | The Sun | News

Jane Holmes who runs a cafe in England · London broke the eggs to bake the fried eggs for lunch, and 4 thongs came out from inside and surprised things.

This is a fried egg made of four eggs. Each yolk is small compared to a normal egg.

Jane immediately contacted Mr. Daniel Brown, the source of eggs. Mr. Daniel is also very surprised, and he has delivered eggs for more than 40 years but he never saw it. Mr. Brown says, "Since the probability that twin eggs are born is one thousandths, it seems to be a phenomenal probability that a fourth child's egg will be born."

By the way it seems that 9 children are said to be the best in many yolks.

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