A man who ate a spicy sauce that he made and died

I have come to see people who like spicy food recently, but it seems that sometimes you die if you eat something too hot.

It is said that a man who wants to cook a British chef drank and drank the spicy sauce he made. The man seemed to like cooking very much, he said he was acting as a cook for his friend. It seems there was nothing to make usual unusual cuisine, but why did you decide to make a spicy sauce to the point of death?

Details are from the following.
Aspiring chef dies hours after making ultra-hot sauce for chilli-eating contest | Mail Online

This time Andrew Lee (33 years old) died. He seems to have made a spicy sauce with Mr. Michael who is the younger brother of the girlfriend to make a showdown against which spicy sauce that he made is painful. On that day Mr. Andrew said he tried confrontation by putting the spicy sauce that he made in a bottle.

Mr. Andrew's girlfriend Samantha Bailey noticed Mr. Andrew 's awareness was gone the next morning after confrontation, he called an ambulance, but he seems to have become a person who did not return. The cause of death is a heart attack. Mr. Andrew seems to have been healthy because he was not suffering from heart diseases.

This is Andrew Lee.

Mr. Andrew's mother seems to say that "cause can be thought of other than spicy sauce", but it is under investigation to see whether really hot spicy sauce was the cause of death. Moreover, it is unknown whether Mr. Michael who was the opponent of confrontation with Andrew 's hot spicy sauce, and how the result of the confrontation became is unknown.

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