Crossword puzzle and apartment where characters emerge at night

A crossword puzzle is drawn on the wall, and there seems to be an apartment where the answer to the puzzle will emerge when it comes to night. Even if I can solve it, I have to come back at night to see the answer, and since I can not write the answer on the wall in the first place it seems a little troublesome that I can not solve it by copying it at hand.

Pictures are as follows.
English Russia A Puzzle on the House

Although it seems to be just a seemingly strange design apartment even if seen in the daytime ...

In the evening letters emerged.

This building seems to be built for attracting tourists in Ribofu city of Ukraine. The height of the crossword puzzle is 100 feet (about 30 meters) and it looks only like a design in which white and black blocks are arranged in a cluttered manner, but when the light illuminates with a special light at night, the character rises up It is said to come. Because I can not see one character in the daytime, I can not decipher it, so it seems to be good to enjoy it as an unusual building.

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