When playing Tetris on the wall of the building, what is the inside guy doing?

Using the walls of the building and the light of the roomMaking a huge display,Graffiti in the building with a laser pointerWe took up the appearance of doing with GIGAZINE before, but when you play Tetris with the wall of the building, if you switch the light with human power instead of the switch, what kind of hellish disaster like you are going on in the building Is it possible?

This time it is a movie I tried reproducing it.

Details are as follows.
Everyone runs desperately in the building, turning on and off the lights in the room. This is busy.
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It seems that it was realistic to make it possible to operate with the switch as well. By the way, when actually doing such things, switch to switch the lighting of the room with the switch or switch the windows blinds in each room to switch.

Still moreAccording to Wikipedia, "Tetris" seems to have been developed by a scientist called Alexei Pasitnov Russia of the former Soviet Union.

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