Family Mart Limited Release, Itoen's "Rui Sencha" has no astringent nature

I bought "Itako Sencha" of Itoen which is released only for FamilyMart. Leach with ice and water "Ice cold extraction processThe astringency when drinking tea is suppressed considerably.

Details are as follows.
About ice cold extraction process.

Peel off the label and this is the color. The ingredients of tea are drifting in fluffy inside.

I poured it into a glass.

There is little scent. I drank it firmly, so it was quite refreshing drinking mouth. Often a strange astringent remains in the base of the upper jaw and the tongue after swallowing the tea of ​​the PET bottle, but it received refreshing impression almost without feeling astringent. In the hot summer it seems that such tea will fit.

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