900 million yen elected at the last lot purchased by a man who died of a heart attack

In Classic Lotto (Connecting six numbers) that are on sale in Connecticut, winning money will be paid if you hit three to six numbers, and if you are in three types, the prize money will be 2 dollars and the probability of winning will be 1/42. If it is the best six types, the winning money has been accumulated and at this time it seems that the probability of winning at 1 million dollars (about 93 million yen) seems to be 1/750 thousand, but this 79-year old man is brilliant I made it hit. At that time, the prize money amounted to 10 million dollars (about 940 million yen), but he seems to have died of a heart attack without knowing that it was unfortunately elected.

Details are as below.
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Conn. Man's last lotto ticket wins $ 10 M for widow

Donald Peters (79) lives in Danbury, Connecticut. On November 1, as I have been doing for 20 years so far, I went to a local Seven Eleven with my wife, Charlotte,Connecticut LotteryI bought two of the lot. But then he died of a heart attack while working in the garden. Mr. Charlotte received the sudden death of Mr. Charlotte and had organized relics with three children and two grandchildren, found this lottery, I went to the grocery store and knew the election. At first, Mr. Charlotte seemed to have thought only how many dollars could be won, but he seems to be surprised to know that the winning amount is 1,020,22823 dollars (about 940 million yen).

There are two ways of paying prize. One receives payment at 477,277 $ x 21 times each time, and the other receives a total of 6,048,077 (about 565 million yen) at once. CT Lottery, vice president of CT Lottery who sold the lot, said, "Mrs Peters can receive a considerably large amount, but similarly it can earn nearly 6.4 million dollars (about 600 million yen) in Connecticut state gifts sales Wow ".

Mr. Charlotte plans to decide how to receive the prize by consulting with the financial planner and "CorvetteI thought that I wanted, but I'm not going to throw away the compact car I am riding now,Mohegan Sun(Casino Hotel in Connecticut), I wonder if I can go there. "

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