Sony's revolutionary new VAIO is "VAIO type P", details also revealed

Previously at GIGAZINESony is planning to announce a new VAIO that overturns the concepts so farI told you the details, the details became clear.

The new model that is expected to be announced is "VAIO type P"It was doubly thin and doubledIt seems to be an innovative mobile laptop.

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Details are as follows.
Sony Vaio P - Tastatur Bilder und Prognose | - das Netbook Blog

According to this article, it seems that VAIO, which is expected to be newly announced from Sony, will be "type P".

"VAIO type P" is equipped with 1.33 GHz Atom Z520 processor and 2 GB of memory, HDD or SSD, plus GPSUTMS system (communication system of third generation mobile phone used in Europe)Because it also carries a communication module, it seems to be a full-fledged mobile laptop computer that is distinct from existing low-priced laptops. Although it is an interesting price, it is said to be 700 euros (about 89,000 yen).

This is an image that is regarded as "VAIO type P". It fits perfectly in the pocket and seems to be "P". The resolution is 1600 x 768 and it corresponds to SSD up to 128 GB, but what about it actually?

This is where the final announcement is awaited, including the operating time, whether or not a camera is installed, whether or not a communication module is also installed in the model for Japan, etc. This is ....

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