Students who searched for stolen Xbox 360 using the radio controller left

Some students have stepped into the room and searched for a game console Xbox 360 using a wireless Xbox 360 wireless controller.

Let's see how we've located the location of the game console itself.

Details are as below.
Student uses technology to find stolen Xbox - News

The incident occurred when Mr. Ketsenburg, a student in the state of Missouri, was exhausted from the trip and was sleeping while forgetting to lock. While sleeping with my roommate, someone had invaded my room and he stealed Xbox 360.

When Mr. Ketsenburg noticed that the main body was stolen turned on the switch of the wireless controller left in the room, the controller recognized the main body. Since the wireless controller of the Xbox 360 has a function to memorize and connect information of a specific body, Ketsenburg who decided that stolen Xbox 360 is nearby started searching. Utilizing the controller's specification that it can be operated from a distance of up to about 10 m, we narrowed down the connectable areas while moving and found that the main body is located in the room on the 5 th floor.

The controller also became evidence that Xbox 360 came back to Mr. Ketsenburg, but all the personal information of the main body had been erased. The criminal himself seems to have not been specified yet, and it is said that Ketsenburg thinks it by all means.

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