Accused by businesses and religious officials who provided weapons to Lego

The munitions industry that profits by selling weapons is always under condemnation, but even those who have sold Lego's custom parts seem to be criticizing religious officials.

Details are as below.
Osama Bin Laden is parodied in toy form | The Sun | News

Critics are becoming a part of American custom parts makers,BrickArmsA company. Against Lego's weapon parts released by the companyI issued a statement accusing the game of slaughtering MuslimsMuslim groupRamadhan foundationMohammed Shaffiq, a representative of Mohammed Shaffiq, said, "It's totally unpleasant.This kind of toy is a thing that praises terrorism, the maker is shameful, as children seem to be playing with such things, it is possible to unite against terrorism There is no comment. Also, Jewish organizationsJewish Council for Racial EqualityEdie Friedman also said, "It's a badly bad toy and it is not appropriate when this tension is rising," British companies strongly condemned.

Probably the Taliban-like figure that became a problem

This is a Nazi armed guard figure figure. A key cross is not included.

Besides this, at BrickArmsColonial Marine Corps of "Alien 2"AndJames Bond of "007 Series"We also sell figures such as.

All kinds of firearms are on sale

Image posted on the company's website. Probably this is the truth of discontinuing Christmas

Lego compatible military kits have been issued from third parties other than BrickArms.

This isBest-Lock CompanyKit

This is KoreaOXFORDKit

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