Historical popular flavor series last round "Fanta fruit punch" tasting review

Fanta who released a popular high flavor in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Japan release for a limited time released "Fanta fruit punch" as the final series of the series on December 1, so I bought and drank it.

What kind of taste is the fruit punch in which various fruits are mixed?

Details are as below.
A mark of successive popular series.

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The contents are dark red with deepness. The smell is also strong, and when you open the lid you smell the fruit.

After taste first felt cherry taste, there was a mixed taste of various fruits, finally feeling peach taste strongly. It is flavored like overseas juice and it is irresistible for people who like it. Although there are somewhat bad place, it was feeling that there is only chosen as successive popular series.

Details of goods are from the following link.

Coca-Cola Japan | News release

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