Headline news on November 28, 2008

Currently on TV Kanagawa and Nikoniko Movie has been broadcasting animated cartoons "Celestial Warrior Sun Red"Was broadcast at NicoNico Live Broadcast from 22:00 today to 23:30 todayEpisode 1 ~ Episode 6 live broadcastIt is said to be done. It is worth watching once again that people watching the broadcast so far are supposed to be adding extra privilege video on TV.

So, next MondayDecember 1. On 1 December 1 year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Yahoo! JAPAN, "2007 Nico Nico Douga" appeared in search word ranking - GIGAZINE

Funny and cute Christmas cards various - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
"Yahoo BB" ADSL New Service Minimum Month ¥ 973 - MSN Sankei News(Net, monthly fee changes according to communication volume)

"Mikushi New Year's card" that can be sent to Mi Mike, service launch: News - CNET Japan(Net service, regular price is 98 yen per mail)

This time it is not a mail! Masato Takahashi sends a "real" new year card to 5000 fans - Famitsu.com(Note, the recruitment period is until 12 noon on December 1, 2008)

Everyone's news: "0 Yen New Year's Postcard" Appears! With 1 million yen lottery, the secret? - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Note, recruiting applicants until November 30)

Window Forever - 【REVIEW】 High Quality Wallpapers · Gadgets · Generate Screensaver "PhotoJoy"(It also generates from the software, "Flickr" image)

Breaking News / cancellation of contracts 300 people ... "Emergency Employment Countermeasure Headquarters" established Ministry of Health and Welfare - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Work, reinforce support for re-employment of irregular workers)

Bare speed quickly Three years before hiring can only know this(Employment, advice from those who actually did a job hunting)

Preliminary announcement of the occurrence of tornado from the Meteorological Agency from 2010: mobile channel - CNET Japan(Net, display the dangerous area where gusts occur at intervals of 10 minutes)

Photo report: Looking back on the times - 10 years of mobile phones: News - CNET Japan(Mobile, 10 years of representative mobile phones in Europe and the United States)

Countermeasures "inadvertent mistake" thought by 200 ITpro readers: ITpro(Work, 70% are inadvertently facing mistakes)

Cause of a serious misinformation than "net tone" Internet - latest news: IT - PLUS(Memo, the Mainichi newspaper misunderstood the time and a false alarm)

Yahoo and Shogakkan, Fountain of Knowledge of Pro Compilation "Yahoo! Encyclopedia" Free Published! | Online | My Communication Journal(Memo, including keywords of the Japanese great encyclopedia)

People who took radiographs with DIY kit: 19th century photo collection | WIRED VISION(It seems that the DIY kit was released within three months from memo, X-ray discovery)

Side effects: Two people died of magnesium oxide in constipation medicine - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Health, total estimate users are about 45 million people a year)

Variety Japan | Hollywood Star's "Most appreciated things in 2008"(Many people cite "memo," family "or" health ")

The most disgusting travel companion is insensitive parent = investigation | global speech | Reuters(Travel, parents who leave children away from their parents)

Makoto: I'm lonely but my back is heavy? Prepare to make lover before Christmas(Memo, 63% "I want a lover before Christmas")

Christmas-themed Photoshop tutorial and pattern files collection | Collis(Software, less than one month until Christmas)

Pushpin Mario(Mario mosaic made with image, push pin)

Xbox 360's New Board Jasper, Shipment Now? - Engadget Japanese(Game, power consumption and heat generation get even lower)

"Wii" "Ponyo" "Terrestrial Digital Flat-screen TV" in the three major topics of 2008 - Dentsu Research Institute Survey: Marketing - CNET Japan(Was not the memo, because the home appliance manufacturer put the emphasis on the Olympics when the TV entered)

Land port, earplugs and headphones become one! - Expand 6 types such as leopard pattern | Home electronics | My com journal(Hardware, it seems useful for cold days)

The information service provided to the post office by the National Police Agency for Expack exploitation measures: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(It is used for memo, transfer fraud)

Developer's comment is also posted "Hatsune Miku - Project Diva - (Tentative)" - Famitsu.com(Game, game of Hatsune Miku from Sega)

Sunday x Magazine: Hideo Hideo and Bakabon Papa confront Konami to release baseball game for DS (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Characters not related to games and baseball manga also appeared)

Game software "two years later" is good harvest. Wii and PS3 are exactly this year! : NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Games, interesting software of year-end selling)

His voice is that person: Punipni's "meow ♪" pounding meat ball, from the epoch company - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Memo, Kenya Koya is in charge of dog's voice)

As soon as clearly stating the existence of "Saw 6"! Interview with the classic horror "Saw 5" director - Hollywood channel speaking of the movies -(Movie, it has become quite a long series work unintentionally)

Court contempt for wearing kangaroo T-shirt in Singapore | spillover of the world | Reuters(Note, the picture of a kangaroo in a judge's law suit is a court contempt contempt)

"For me who works hard for both work and female polishing" - Actual condition of rent consumption of F1 layer: Marketing - CNET Japan(Memo, top of what you buy as a reward is "sweets")

The world's oldest American woman dies at the age of 115 | The world's speech | Reuters(Memo, Mary de Jesus of Portugal (115) who was born at about 5 month difference now is the oldest)

Pirated DVD possession with Akiba, arrest of Chinese men and women - MSN Sankei News(Note, I was selling from about a year ago)

"Giga meat bowl" beyond mega bean bowl appeared * 20 years old road straight down(It seems to be a menu actually served at the cafeteria near Waseda University)

Can only eat at one shop nationwide! - Moss super limited hamburger | Life | My com journal(Food, menu only available at the Kagurazaka store in Tokyo)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: There is a scorpion in 'Ichimura' in Ikebukuro(A doubtful menu coming out with food, "Murakami come")

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