Headline news on September 19, 2008

A mouse computer newly has a 59,800 yen mini laptop computerWe announced "LB-G1000". Battery operation time is 4.5 hours and 10.2 inch liquid crystal (1024 x 600) is adopted. The CPU is Intel's Atom processor N270 (1.60 GHz), it has 1024 MB DDR 2 memory, 160 GB SATA hard disk, 802.11 b / g wireless LAN, and its release seems to be in mid-October. Low-priced laptop computers are appearing one by one from various manufacturers, but where will they win?

So, next MondaySeptember 22. On September 22, one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Photo of the strongest fighter F-22 Raptor Various - GIGAZINE

A game that finds stars hiding somewhere on the stage "Stars 2" - GIGAZINE

How to make a safe office for disgusting people - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
EMOBILE, Touch Diamond for the first public release, release on October 10 | Mobile | MY COMIC Journal(You can operate by touching the screen like mobile, iPhone)

Coca Cola - ITmedia Executive has the most brand power in the whole world(Note, top in Japan as a Japanese company is ranked 6th in Toyota)

More than 30% of people in their 20's are "not introducing fixed telephone" - ITmedia + D Mobile(Life, the spread of mobile phones is not half the way)

There are only four kinds of work, and about its continuity: [mi] Like it!(Relationship between work, salary and pleasure)

Temporary staffing law that throws people away like rags and cloths |(Depending on the job, temporary agency there are places that are quite unreasonable)

69 thousand pension tampering "Actually several times as many" ... senior executives of the company official: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, it may still be okay if it is several times more)

Reporter's business tools are pen and notebook?: ITpro(Business, current IT industry seen by Mr. Horie, former President of Livedoor)

By-design, 32-inch plasma TV of 69,800 yen(Appliances, EPG display compatible, not supported for data broadcasting and two-way communication)

Business Media Makoto: Television compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting, "You should buy it until you stop analog broadcasting" - 60%(Home appliances, waiting until the switching time should be better cheaper to get one)

FujiSankei Business i. Industry / white goods home appliances wave price increase ways to improve functions such as energy saving(Home appliances manufacturer side enhances performance and appeals better than price increase)

Video sharing service, would you like to watch TV on now? - Eye sharing research - japan.internet.com Web marketing(I also feel that it is interesting because I see it on a personal computer)

Windows Forest - 【NEWS】 MS network analysis tool "Microsoft Network Monitor" v3.2 is released(Software, a function that can list applications under communication added)

Open dissatisfaction write competition distance "dissatisfied release site" "booing.jp" opens: RBB TODAY (broadband information site)(Internet service, site where all discontent will be gathered)

Browser start page, portal 70%, blanks 10% - japan.internet.com Daily research(90% or more from the favorites check of the net and the site)

"Berlin Wall" to auction, 1 piece 460000 yen to win bidding forecast | global speech | Reuters(Memo, 4 items are issued in total)

Naburabo: IT-chan is going to race, no really - ITmedia News(There is no particular relation with cars, Hatsune Miku)

Super Realistic Vehicles in the Fictional World: Image Gallery | WIRED VISION(Vehicles, just making things just to be cool)

Reason why Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's meal is good - Ranoman - Miscellaneous notes of editors who make light novel manga seriously -(It looks deliciously looking at rice that appears in movies, ghibli)

Modern version scary things "Earthquakes · Spells · Fire, Traffic Accidents · Kramer": Marketing - CNET Japan(Memo, only earthquakes are disrupted in Japan)

One year later it enters the Oricon! Is it? "Hatsune Miku" beyond speech synthesis technology Digital consumer electronics entertainment - latest news: IT-PLUS(Software, speech synthesis technology being studied at university)

Dating Commercial Laws(Security, be careful if you say such a line)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Kokuyo's winning note - "...(Memo, ingenuity to write notes beautifully was added)

Only for excellent students, I will give you a note with job advertisement - MSN Sankei News(Notes, Tokyo University, Waseda University, limited to Keio University)

Web 2.0 reporting technique asked to active student Tokyo University: article bud(Notes, working with Google's services)

The mystery of the Sazae family after 25 years: Alfalfa mosaic(Note, Ikura is a woman if it is an original)

Home appliance mass retailer "Reason to exist further cheaper" Reason for existence | Excite News(Life, price is always changing)

Current affairs dot com: Dragonfly latest work, to the new year release = Tecmo acquisition "future judgment" - President Suk · Eni(What about games, those of the final fantasy?)

Game * Spark -: Reproduced with oversized dots! Contemporary popular game collections that have been made into 8-bit wind packages by Miu(Game, FPS seems to have dramatically decreased fun)

US research "Game is useful for nurturing youth sociality" - Ameba News [Ameba News](Game, over 70% playing games with friends)

Free casual game, more than 60% of women over 30 years old - Square survey: Marketing - CNET Japan(Game, women are overwhelmingly over 70% in the whole)

When to wake up "First generation video game generation": NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business, people who were crazy about Space Invaders are about to retire)

Manga with improved skill during serialization: Alfalfa mosaic(Manga, manga artists who have a series usually change picture pattern)

The spirit is also the age of video!? | Excite News(Memo, according to researchers in psychic science, it seems that it seems to pass through the lens)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Two Major Maze Shopping District(Memo, shopping street like dungeon)

[Life] The truth of the theory that "Curry will be delicious if put asleep overnight" | RxR | R25.jp(Food, potato secret of the umami after the next day)

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