Ignition from the target model immediately after recall announcement

It seems that an accident happened that the target model exploded in the UK in London several hours after recall announcement. Although it was only a specific taxi that was recalled, it seems that it was surprising to fire immediately after being recalled announced.

There were also pictures taken by a person who was present at the scene by the situation, and it can be seen from the photograph that the scene of the accident was noisy.

It is a place to wonder if the driver in this car is safe and whether the passenger was on board.

Details are from the following.
The dramatic moment a black cab burst into flames - on the day hundreds of taxis were recalled over safety fears | Mail Online

The cause of the fire was unknown regarding the accident this time, it is currently under investigation. The driver escaped safely, and there was no passenger at the time of natural ignition.

Picture of the fire.

Quite dangerous condition.

In the witness testimony, it was said that after the smoke came up from the front passenger's seat, it exploded as if a huge fireball appeared. Also, according to the acquaintance of the driver, it seems that the smoke blew out of the car immediately after cooking and exploded at the moment of escape. If judgment was delayed even a little, it may have been a catastrophe.

Pictures after extinguishing.

You can see from the side that it was burning violently.

After this, it seems that there was a report that another taxi flames up, but it was said that it was not related to recall. Due to such an accident, taxi drivers are also becoming nervous.

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