Liquid crystal televisions dropped sharply, high definition television reached 20,000 yen or less

LCD TVs are falling as a result of the global financial crisisHowever, it became clear that high definition television with a price of 20,000 yen or less will appear.

Not only for models for personal use but also large screen full high vision television that can be used in living room etc. has become inexpensively unconventional in the past.

Details are as follows.
US market: Vizio reduces TV prices for the holidays

According to this article, American TV maker "VIZIO"It is said that the price cut of television will be done in the North American market for the holiday shopping season.

As a result, the 19-inch HDTV liquid crystal television costs $ 199.99 (about 19,000 yen), the 32-inch high-definition plasma TV is 437 dollars (about 41,600 yen), the 37-inch HDTV is about 499.99 dollars It is unlikely that the full high-vision LCD TV will be inconceivable, with a price of 559.99 dollars (about 53,300 yen) for the 32-inch model and a price of $ 698 (about 64 6450 yen) for the 42-inch model.

In addition, VIZIO's television also has a membership warehouse type store in Japan "Costco"Is it being sold, but will similar price cuts be done? In Japan, it may be difficult to make it cheap so far, considering that you need B - CAS card slots on TV to watch terrestrial digital broadcasting etc.

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