A heavy traffic jam occurs due to one man standing on the road

It is a picture that a heavy traffic jam has occurred because of only one man because of the traffic accident and season such as big consecutive holidays and New Year's holidays.

The man stands on the road and stops the flow of the car with his body, but he is clearly speaking and nothing other than a nuisance.

Details are as follows.
This is the picture. The flow of the car is completely stopped by one person.

I tried zooming. Apparently it looks like a man.

It is a terrible heavy traffic jam. By the way, the traffic jam lasted 40 minutes.

What on earth this guy wanted to do ...? In addition, there are original pictures on the following link.

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2008/11/23 17:46 added
According to several points from readers, apparently this standing male seems to be a police officer. Perhaps it seems like this is due to shutting off traffic for that reason, during the security of an important person who needs important security of the president or the like.

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