With this, it is safe on cold days, "USB was there or lunch box pouch" which can eat warm lunch can be introduced at any time

Though I brought my own lunch box and my beloved bento to save my lunch, I got cold and ticky when it was lunch time, people who always eat while I am deeply concerned An encouraging item "USB or lunch box pouch" appeared.

It is said that we can eat lunch box at Hokkoku any time by using this, so it seems that it corresponds to lunch box etc bought at convenience store.

Details are as follows.
This is "USB was cooked lunch box pouch" which can warm the lunch box with USB power supply. As the inside temperature will be about 60 ° C, you can lick a lunch anytime.

Easy to use because it has a large opening, easy to enter a lunch box, and a heater built in both upper and lower sides for evenly warming up.

The prototype stage is like this. Pursuing the material and thickness of the USB cable, creating customized cables that demonstrate the most efficient heater performance, increasing the tightness with the chuck, and repeating the trial and error about the mounting position of the heater, as a result of USB port We have succeeded in demonstrating the warmth retaining ability close to the limit when using. I'm pretty enthusiastic.

By the way, the price you care about is 1980 yen including tax, details are posted on the following product page.

Sankoreramono shop 【USB was there or lunch box pouch】 It is possible to warm your lunch bought at a convenience store not just for my wife bento.

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