About 800 small dogs can be found from the trailer house

In Tucson, Arizona, we found chihuahuas, terriers, Pomeranian, etc. that filled the inside of the trailer house. The man who lived in this trailer house seems to be almost buried in the dog, and the total number of dogs that it keeps will be as close as 800 in total.

Details are as below.
800 small dogs seized from filthy home - Life- msnbc.com

When a sheriff's agent and animal welfare examiner in Pima County examined the trailer house, 96 dogs were found first and then 700 were found. Some of them were pregnant, so they were brought to Tucson's protective facility and gave birth safely. There were 82 parrots in addition to the dog.

According to Jenny Rose, a spokesman for the Arizona Southern Arizona Association, inside the house was terrible, dogs' hunts and pee were scattered around the house such as the kitchen and the bedroom, and there was strong intense smell is. The health condition of the dogs is good, although 800 animals are crammed in the crowd.

An elderly man who is the owner of this trailer house is cooperative with the sheriff, and he is said to have been investigated, although it has not been complained.

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