Pizza Hut, this winter only "Double Roll of Smile" Taste Review

Since Pizza Hut released "Smiley Double Roll" as a limited item only for this winter, I ordered it immediately. It is a slightly different product name, but this is a place to wonder if I mean that you can become a smile if you eat it.

In addition, just in Pizza HutMomotaro 20th anniversary present campaignBecause I was doing, Peach iron goods also arrived.

Review from below.
Pizza Hut of Delivery Pizza

Arrival in Pizza. If it is M size it was a pizza box with illustration of peach iron, but this time it is a regular version of pizza box because I ordered L size.

This is a "double roll of smiles".

Half of them are popular "Crab Ebimayo King" topped. You can taste all the flavors with a piece as if the flavor of shrimp and crab is soaked in the fabric.

The other half is topped with new "Demi beef". The rough texture of the simmered beef does not accumulate. Demise sauce and cheese like beef gratin are tasty.

Using one voucher every 2500 yen purchaseMomotaro Dentetsu TrumpYou can get it.

Playing cards is a map of Momotaro Electric Railway.

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