The boy who was hiding in the trash box is carried as it is by garbage truck

The accident happened that a boy who was hiding in the garbage trash was carried with garbage collection car along with garbage. Speaking of garbage trucks, there are compressors with rollers that roll around in the rear, and usually garbage is thrown into the compressor, but this boy is also very dangerous if it is thrown into the compressor in the same way.

I am wondering why the boy was in the cardboard box and the boy was okay.

Details are from the following.
Teen Compacted In Wis. Garbage Truck, Survives, Runaway Wis. Teen Survives Being Dumped Into Garbage Truck And Compacted Several Times - CBS News

A 14 - year - old boy who attended a boot camp style school for boys and girls got out of school and was hiding in the trash box so as not to be found. Waste collector car of Waste Management Co., USA, the largest garbage collector in the United States came in there, and as a recycling trash it was said that the boy was thrown into the compressor of the garbage collector (the spinning circle in the back person) about. After that as usual it seems that garbage collection was going on, and during that time the boy was being stirred in the compressor rollers many times.

It seems that a boy was discovered when the garbage truck got down the garbage which was loaded at the garbage disposal center. The boy was taken to hospital soon and received treatment. At the time of discovery, it seems that there was no other way in life with some consciousness.

Were not you aware that the boy was inside while stacking the cardboard?

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