Eee PC new model release announcement "Eee PC S101" announced, the estimated actual price is around 69,800 yen

Today at 14:40 I heard that a new model of EeePC will be announced and I came to the venue of the new model release. What will be announced?

When I looked at the materials delivered thoughtfully, it seems to be an announcement of "Eee PC S101".

"Eee PC S101" is equipped with a new technology "XpressPath" which boots OS fast, and it is only 17.8 seconds from the power on to the "Welcome" screen. In addition to the built-in 16 GBSSD, 60 GB of free WEB storage can be used, enabling access to large volume data anywhere. In addition, the longest driving time is about 4.6 hours, the price is around 69,800 yen at the anticipated actual sale price.

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Arrive at the venue

I have exhibited something.

2008/11/06 14: 26
It is scheduled to be on sale on November 22, 2008, with a thickness of 18 mm and a weight of about 1 kg, a 10.2-inch wide wide-screen liquid crystal

2008/11/06 14: 27
The specification looks like the following.

Body color:Brown / Champagne / Graphite
OS:Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Genuine Edition
CPU:Intel Atom Processor N270
Main memory:1 GB
Liquid crystal display:10.2 type wide TFT color liquid crystal
Display Resolution:1,024 × 600 dots
SSD (flash memory drive):16 GB
Free web storage:60 GB
Battery operation time:Up to about 4.6 hours
Size (excluding protrusions):Width 264 mm × depth 180.5 mm × height 18 mm (thickest part 25 mm)
weight:Approximately 1.06 kg when the battery is installed
Scheduled release date:November 22, 2008
price:Open price (estimated actual price: around 69,800 yen)

2008/11/06 14: 28
The part of the hinge is decorated with "Swarovski Crystal Glass" and the pitch of the keyboard is 17.5 mm. Touchpad supports multi-touch, scroll easily, zoom in and zoom out, even without a mouse.

2008/11/06 14: 29
In this EeePC S101, we have a new technology "XpressPath" that boots the operating system at high speed, and this technology is based on utilization of BootBooster of BIOS and adoption of new SSD controller. The reading performance of SSD is improved more than about twice, speeding up OS startup, shutdown, program execution. With BootBooster turned ON, it seems that it takes only 17.8 seconds to switch from the power button to the Windows "Welcome" screen.

2008/11/06 14: 30
With quiet design realizing 25 dBA and excellent heat dissipation effect, it is possible to keep heat generation of the palm rest to the utmost even under high load, and can continue to use in a state free from quiet and hot stress.

2008/11/06 14: 31
Moreover, "Eee PC S101" can use free web storage 60 GB in addition to the built-in flash memory drive (SSD) 16 GB. In other words, by using 76 GB in total, it is possible to access a large amount of data anytime anywhere ... ....

2008/11/06 14:32
We are proud of high safety, and we adopted a thin and light lithium polymer battery this time. ASUS's proprietary power saving function "Super Hybrid Engine" is installed, achieving continuous driving time of about 4.6 hours at the longest. "Super Hybrid Engine" has three modes that adjust CPU operating frequency and voltage, LCD brightness, minimize system noise and power consumption, and maximize system performance.

2008/11/06 14:33
The wireless LAN function supports not only IEEE 802.11b / g which is currently most popular but also the latest IEEE 802.11n (Draft 2.0) capable of high-speed communication. Also supports Bluetooth which can connect wirelessly, such as a mouse and headphones.

2008/11/06 14: 34
Sun Microsystems' business software "StarSuite 8" integrated with word processing software, spreadsheet software, presentation software, etc. comes standard. Also "Windows Live" pre-installed.

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Keyboard or button

Camera part


Left side

Place opened on the left side

right side

Place opened with a right side face

Touch pad part

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