Obama The next-generation president flies splendidly Action game "SUPER OBAMA WORLD"

Yesterday Democratic PartyBarack ObamaMr. Mr. Obama was chosen as the next president and decided to name his history as the first black president of American history, but this game "SUPER OBAMA WORLD" is the game that Mr. Obama will become the main character and advance the stage. Things related to Mr. Obama's remarks appeared in various places, and people who know know it makes me laugh a bit.

As you can see from the name that it imitates "SUPER MARIO WORLD", it is very well done. The hit judgment is very severe, the degree of difficulty is high, you need patience to clear it.

Details are from the following.

Easy operation. First click on the stage to challenge and then click "Start", the stage will start. Within the stage you can jump with direction keys and space keys to jump.

Challenge one face immediately. I discovered "Gravina Island Bridge" which criticized as "Bridge to Nowhere" (bridge which can not go anywhere). I really can not move forward.

Even though I recklessly skipped two sides, I will challenge three sides suddenly.

The editorial staff was frustrated by the high level of difficulty. The hit judgment is severe, and it is done if you stepped on the enemy from directly above. However, once I started I had poisoning that I could not stop quite. It might be good for a little killing time.

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