Acer, Core 2 Duo Announcing thin ultra-low-priced notebook "Aspire Timeline" and "Aspire One" new model, "Aspire Revo" etc. that can run full-time for a long time

Acer today held a recital such as Aspire Timeline, an ultra low price notebook computer capable of full operation for a long time with Intel 's Core 2 Duo processor.

"Aspire Timeline" which realizes low price that other companies can not follow, but at the same time, in addition to the new model of low price mini-note "Aspire One", by adopting NVIDIA's ION platform, low price desktop And realized unexpected graphic performance "Aspire Revo'S release date and price were also officially announced.

Details are as follows.
This time, "Aspire Timeline" 13.3-inch LCD mounted model "AS3810T". Mobile notebook with Intel's Core 2 Duo processor running for 8 hours at full capacity. The price is in the 80,000 yen range.

A lineup of 15.6 inch LCD mounted model "AS 5810 T" is also available.

Attendees of the recital. From left: Mr. Bob Sen, President and CEO of Nippon Acer Co., Ltd., Mr. J. T. Wang, Acer Incorporated Chairman and CEO, Acer Incorporated, Andy Chang, Brand Management Director, Acer Brand Business Unit, Acer Incorporated.

According to the distributed materials, the 13.3-inch LCD model "AS 3810 T" of Aspire Timeline is estimated to be around 98 thousand yen, the 15.6 inch LCD mounted model "AS 5810 T" is assumed to be around 98 thousand yen, the release date is June 5th. In addition, the model with Intel's SSD instead of HDD is "1000000 yen" for "AS3810T", about 119,800 yen for the model with "15" LCD mounted with "AS 5810T".

Intel's GMA 4500 MHD which can draw high-vision video smoothly in graphics, CPU with 1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo SU 9400, memory 2 GB (maximum 4 GB), 1366 × 768 1666 with LED backlight that can cut power consumption by 30% : Equipped with 9 wide liquid crystal. HDD is "AS 3810 T" 250 GB and "AS 5810 T" 320 GB. Every driving time is 8 hours.

In addition to the "Dolby Surround Room" which realized powerful surround with two speakers, wireless LAN which supports 1 million pixel HD camera, Bluetooth, IEEE802.11n, etc. Also equipped with the principle of cooling structure of jet engine applied By adopting "Intel Laminar Wall Jest Tchnology", there is no worry of feeling uncomfortable fever even if you use it on the lap.

The OS is Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and the driving time is 8 hours each. The thickness of the main body is 1 inch or less, the weight is "AS 3810 T" is 1.6 kg, "AS 5810 T" is 2.4 kg.

Subsequently, "AO 751" of low price mini note "Aspire One" equipped with 11.6 inch liquid crystal.

"AO751" adopts LED on liquid crystal display, driving time has changed from 3 hours to 4 hours in the past, as well as a model equipped with battery that can be driven for 8 hours. Equipped with Atom Z520 processor (1.33 GHz), 1 GB memory, 160 GB HDD, 300 000 pixel camera, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, stereo speakers and so on. OS is Windows XP SP3.

The shop front supposition price is about 58,800 yen with the standard battery loading model (main body weight 1.2 kg), the model equipped with a large capacity battery (1.35 kg of main body weight) is around 60,400 yen and released on June 5. A model with Office is also available.

"Aspire Revo" will be released as "ASR 3600".

In addition to adopting the ION platform which realizes very high graphic performance, "ASR 3600" is equipped with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 230 processor, 160 GB HDD, wireless LAN compatible with IEEE 802.11 n and wired LAN compatible with 1000 BASE-T .

The OS is Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, the assumed price is 4,000 yen for models with 2 GB memory, 50,000 yen for models with 4 GB memory, 2 GB memory loaded models with 23 inch glossy wide LCD included Ten thousand yen. The release date is June 26th.

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