An animator evaluation table written as "war criminal" "cancer of company" etc? Bonds illegally uploaded, holding a briefing session

Currently broadcasting "SOUL EATER - Soul Eater -"And distributed to PS3"Zamud of the dead"In addition to the past," Bronze Animation Production Company "that was handling" Steel Alchemist "" Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven "An official opinion was announced about "Animator Evaluation Table" and the case where a wonderful file was uploaded illegallyWe talked with GIGAZINE before, but it seems that a briefing session will be held at last.

In the file considered as the evaluation table"There is a personality difficulty" "Koitsu is fired" "It does not answer the phone" "It is hard to handle" "It is over" "War criminal" "A gold dirty with super late writing" "Company's cancer"In addition to comments such as mobile phone number and address personal information such as address was stated, what kind of explanation will be done?

Details are as follows.
Report on the staff's uploading of information data

According to this page, it seems that Bonds will hold a briefing on November 8 (Saturday) about staff information that was illegally uploaded on the Internet.

The contents are planned to be a method and report on internal and external surveys by Bond, information management on future production staff, efforts as a whole in the animation production industry, Q & A and so on. The guidance letter has already been mailed to concerned parties.

I am worried about what kind of report will be done, but how far was this "evaluation chart" in truth, how far was it made up? It is also a matter of who I spilled out for whatever purpose.

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