Since I sold the wrong product in the net auction, I was accused when I made a "bad evaluation"

When I purchased a mobile phone at the net auction, I felt dissatisfied naturally because I was wrong, I got a bad evaluation on the seller, somehow I was sued by a seller to a trial.

Where, what, how and how such unprecedented crisis falls, details are from the following.
Man who was was sold the wrong phone on eBay is sued by seller after leaving 'negative feedback' | Mail Online

The accident occurred in overseas's biggest net auction "eBay (eBay)", this Chris Read (Chris Reed), 42-year-old, a child of five people.

When bidding down the mobile phone (Samsung F 700) at the auction, the exhibitor said "It is an item in a good condition", but the actual thing that arrived at him after a few days is damaged, Moreover, it seems that it was a wrong model (Samsung F 700 V).

Therefore, he asked Mr. Joel Jones (Joel Jones) who is the seller to repay the amount and to keep an honest opinion on trading, so-called "evaluation with comment". The content written at that time is like this.

"The item was scratched and it was damaged. Moreover, it was a product different from Mr. Jones' explanation"

I thought that this was the end, but what his evaluation came from was an email saying "It is slanderous slander and insult," said Mr. Jones, the seller, "Unfavorable commentary It damaged. " In addition, a warning letter arrived and was warned that if the comment was not withdrawn it would be dragged to the court and attorneys' fees and other damages would come down.

As it is, it will be settled in court, but Mr. Reed said, "I wrote an honest opinion and tell me the truth, I can not understand why the evaluation system is there, malicious Even though I wrote, I have never called him a fraudster, so I do not mind if I have to go to the court, I am ready to fight. "

There are systems that add comments and evaluations in various net services in Japan, but how is it ...?

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