A stone that seems to be the oldest toy in the UK is excavated

In the Salisbury Plain, Britain with Stonehenge, it seems that stones which were at least 2000 years old or more were excavated. The stone is engraved in an animal-like shape and it is highly likely that it is a souvenir for children's toys or babies who died before childhood or birth.

The toys of this era seem to be very rare in the history of England.

Details are as below.
Britain's Oldest Toy Found Buried with Stonehenge Baby?

The sculptured stone like an animal was excavated in the archaeological research project around Stonehenge which has been taking place over seven years. There was a stone in the grave for children around 800 BC to 20 BC, pottery and so on were excavated together.

Image of excavated stone

Joshua Pollard, the leader of the excavation team, says the animal's bone and sculptured stone are placed with the bodies of the two children at the grave and children may have become a human suffering body. However, at that time the infant's mortality rate was very high, the possibility of natural death was higher.

Regarding animal sculpture Mr. Pollard seems to be a hedgehog, but Mike Pitts, a British archaeological magazine editor and Stonehenge expert, said that "pigs are undoubtedly swine It seems to be thinking "It is.

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