Mumir of Egyptian child 1700 years ago, found to be a boy dressed in a CT scan

Egyptian children who had been stored in the museum in England since 1878 but did not know the reason why their sex and age passed away youngmummy. By X-ray photography in the 1980'sIntracerebral hemorrhageIt turned out that it was the cause of death, and it seems that murder was also suspected.

According to a survey conducted last year, the mummy was wrapped in a cloth with a symbol representing a woman, I knew she was wearing a breastplate and a bracelet for women, but the other day was doneCT scanBy the fact, it turned out to be a boy who was dressed in girls, and the situation of death was also revealed.

Details are as below.Egyptian mummy was boy dressed as girl, 3D scan reveals | Mail Online

Infant mummiesEssexofSaffron Walden MuseumAccording to the records of the museum, it is exhibited inCambridgeIt is said to have been purchased from Mayor Frederic Barlow in 1878. The history of Egypt's arrival to the UK has not been revealed,ThebesofDel El BahariIt is thought that it was unearthed from the cemetery. Originally around 300 BCPtolemaic morningIn fact it was thought that it was things of the era when Egypt was a part of the Roman Empire around the year 350 AD that hundreds of years later than that.

Cambridge'sAddenbrooke's HospitalBy CT scan done last Saturday, this mummy proved to be a female boy. Also, in the 1980's X-ray survey, the age was estimated to be around 7 years 9 months, but in this CT it is suggested that the age is 4 to 5 years old from the growth of bones and teeth. The bones and teeth of the face of the mummy were completely preserved without lack, no evidence of disease was seen, hearts and lungs were removed during mummy making, but the liver remained.

Boys above the right templeSkull fractureBesides, on the rightClavicleIt was also revealed that he was fractured before his life. Halina Szutowicz, a radiologist who conducted the examination, said that the possibility of murder can be excluded from this result. He fractured the clavicle and skull due to accidents such as falling and falling, and it seems that he caught a breath in the cerebral hemorrhage at that time in about 3 weeks from the accident.

It seems that this boy belonged to the wealthy class, even from ornaments such as gold bracelets and clothes that were wrapped. Carolyn Wingfield, curator of the museum, said, "It is obvious that you are a child of a wealthy house, the body is subjected to antiseptic treatment and is wrapped with superior linen with a wooden stick to support your back straight It is still a mystery why it was eventually wrapped in a decorative burial cloth for women. "

Although the situation of death was concluded as accidental death rather than killing, the reason why the boy was buried in the form of a girl has not been elucidated. Customs raising girls 'clothes by girls' clothes seemed to exist around the world for reasons such as avoiding the early life of boys, but did such customs exist in Egypt at that time? Or, because it is a son of a wealthy house, circumstances such as "It was brought up as a girl to avoid the successor's fight" may be considered, as it tends to be in movies and novels. For mystery lovers and historical novel lovers, imagination will not expand.

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