Shiseki beverage "Sprite 3G" tasting review formulated with three "G" shigeki ingredients Review

I bought Shigeki drink "Sprite 3G" which was mixed with Shigeki ingredients starting from three "G" newly added to the "Sprite" series released by Coca-Cola Japan, and tried drinking it.

It seems that Shigeki ingredients are three kinds of Shigeki energy 'Glucose', 'Guarana' stimulating the body, 'Green tea caffeine' (green tea caffeine) stimulating instincts, so what to drink only I feel like running around the body.

Review from below.
Coca-Cola Japan | Sprite 3G Sprite

Because it is three GGG's, "Sprite 3G". It seems to have imagined something else.

Raw materials etc.

Cap with sprite logo.

I poured it into a glass. In appearance, I do not know the difference with sprite.

Although it is said that three Shigeki ingredients have been added, it is not the feeling that when you drink it you can play more intensely than the previous sprite. However, as the flavor of lemon is felt stronger than before, this may be an effect of Shigeki ingredients. Since refreshing drinking mouth is healthy, please drink fans of the sprite series by all means.

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